About Retail Results

Our life’s work has been growing and supporting family businesses from small to corporate.

We have worn many hats, solved many situations all to the betterment of the businesses represented.

In each role, we have grown more and more successful, our teams grew and so did the sales and KPI’s.

The teams leadership has produced outstanding results in every role managed, and our work ethic stands for itself, we have been in every role in retail.

We are true visionaries, with a solid business acumen.

We are highly valuable business professionals.

-Michelle Tonna


Royal Wolf Trading
Proud Furniture
Black Pepper Fashion
Osmen Furniture
Sleep City and Everyday Living
Australian Taxation
Beaumont People
Bestwin Enterprises
Royal Wolf Trading

“Michelle was extremely helpful with our business requirements and manged to help reduce our costs and shorten our supply time, great work.”

Michael Baker

Procurement Manger at Royal Wolf Training

Proud Furniture

‘Michelle was organised, efficient and willing to do whatever was needed to get a particular task accomplished.
Ms. Tonna is a dependable team player and her good judgement and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavours.’

Olivia Quigley
Proud Furniture Group Pty Ltd

Black Pepper Fashion

‘Michelle is skilled in management, she is reliable, dependable, honest and a good communicator. She consistently achieves good results and delivers all expectations.’

Lisa Cavaleri

Osmen Furniture

‘Ms Tonna’s customer service results were excellent. She was most effective in achieving outcomes where there were issues. She gave customers her personal attention to achieve this. Ms Tonna is a most dedicated employee. I can confidently say that Ms Tonna’s personal integrity, knowledge and dedicated work ethic are of the highest standard. I have learned so very much from her extensive experience and expertise as a retail professional.’

Sleep City and Everyday Living

‘I had always found Michelle to be very hard working very conscientious individual who always aimed to succeed in her work through the managing of people within her sales team. Michelle would server any employer to the best of her ability.’

Australian Taxation

‘I had always found Michelle to be very hard working very conscientious individual who always aimed to succeed in her work through the managing of people within her sales team. Michelle would server any employer to the best of her ability.’

Gary Balding
Managing Director
Australian Taxation Reporter

Beaumont People

‘I would absolutely recommend Michelle; She had a friendly and personable nature and I think she would be a great addition to any workplace.’

-Sophie Donaldson
Contact Centre and Sales

Bestwin Enterprises

I am writing this letter to recommend Michelle Tonna for her outstanding work as a key liaison between Bestwin Enterprises and Sleepy’s. As the owner of Bestwin Enterprises, a furniture wholesaler supplying all major furniture retailers in Australia, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Michelle over the past 4 years.

Throughout our partnership, Michelle has demonstrated exceptional professionalism, reliability, and product knowledge. Her attention to detail and dedication to understanding our products have been truly impressive. Michelle’s commitment to her work is evident in the following aspects:

  1. Familiarity with our products: Michelle consistently paid extra attention to learning the details about our products, ensuring she could confidently present them to customers and address any questions or concerns they had.
  2. High success rate in sales: Her ability to communicate effectively and build trust with customers led to a much higher than average success rate in selling our products.
  3. Excellent communication with suppliers: Michelle maintained open and effective communication with us as the supplier, working collaboratively to achieve the best possible results for both her customers and our company.
  4. Diligent follow-up on sales processes and issues: Michelle’s proactive approach to resolving any sales-related issues ensured that nothing was left unresolved, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience for her customers.

In addition to her strong work ethic, Michelle’s interpersonal skills and commitment to customer satisfaction have consistently impressed me. She genuinely cares about the quality of the products she sells and goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are satisfied.

I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Tonna for any role or project that requires a dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced professional in the furniture, bedding and other industry. I am confident that she will be an invaluable asset to any team and will continue to demonstrate the same level of excellence that she has displayed during her time with Sleepy’s.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Sincerely yours,

A.B.N: 88 119 622 570
Unit 6, 19 Aero Road, Ingleburn, NSW 2565
Tel: (02) 9618 0606 Fax: (02) 9618 0636


I had the pleasure of employing Michelle Tonna as a well experienced Senior Sales Associate for my 3 Retail stores and plazas as a franchisee of Sleepys.

Michelle worked in a dedicated and professional manner at all times.

She was able to exceed sales targets, kept a high gross profit margin and educated herself with the Sleepys sales programme in which she was awarded a certificate in bed fit and posture care as well achieving a  sales pin for high sales by sleepys head office.

Michelle supported our business by working in various locations and always delivered sales, she worked well with all our team and kept a professional friendly manner.

Michelle was always reliable.

Michelle left our business to work st Guardsman as a Sales Executive in july 2021.

Recently Michelle offered to support our business when we had staff shortages by working for us over christmas and the new year.

I would always recommend Michelle as a loyal, professional, a great team player and a very successful Retail Professional.

Kind regards

Sam iannou franchisee owner of sleepys homebush, caringbah, auburn as well as pop up plazas.